Ethical & Sustainability


 At Hachure we are always committed to reducing waste, re-using resources, continuing to learn and creating ‘made to last’, slow fashion for your outdoor and active lifestyle.





We are an Ecologi carbon positive workforce

Each month we contribute to reducing our carbon footprint and help towards planting trees in places including Madagascar, Mozambique and Nicaragua.

Reforestation is widely recognised as a major natural climate solution

See how our forest is growing here! 





All of our packaging has been carefully selected, made from recycled paper and card, and is fully recyclable in your household waste at the end of its use. Everything from tags, notes, mail bags and stickers, it can all be recycled!

We use eco-friendly water-based inks for our printing to be sure that no chemicals will be released into the environment when discarded. 

Did you know that our swing tags are attached with an elastic hair bobble, so you can throw it in your rucksack or gym bag and keep re-using it everyday!