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We are Hachure. Outdoor activewear that’s the solution, not the problem.

Sustainability is the thread that runs through everything we do.

We live and breathe slow fashion and strive to create high quality garments that you’ll love to wear whether you’re sweating it out or relaxing in nature.

Hachure is for you – the active, easy-going wearer who is ready to take steps to reduce the negative impacts of everyday, modern life.

Connect with nature, feel good and perform at your best with Hachure.

Hachure Active Founder Leanne Hardacre


Hello, I’m Leanne. I was invited to the Isle of Skye six years ago and I had no idea of the fire it would light inside me for exploring the outdoors. Whether its somewhere on my doorstep in the North West of England or the other side of the world, my best days involve adventuring in nature and new places.

Fashion is my other great love. But through my studies and my career I have sadly seen first-hand how our fast fashion, disposable clothing culture harms people and our planet.

So, I am taking a giant leap in creating Hachure and I am beyond thrilled that you’re here with me. My dream is to create long-lasting pieces for conscious customers like you and me. Designed in my bedroom with care and attention, I am on a big learning journey to source the most ethical and sustainable ways to create my range. I am hand-picking sustainable fabric suppliers and manufacturers all the way to recycled packaging and the eco inks used to print them.

I will always do my best to create garments which are the solution, not the problem.

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