Plastic Free July

Plastic Free July

Wow, is the UK getting a heatwave or what?!

This July I am focussing on making small changes in my everyday life to reduce the single use plastics in my household.

Here are my favourite and easiest swaps you could try too!

  • Ice lolly moulds (heatwave essential) - completely zero waste, reusable, and you can pick your favourite flavour
  • Organic cotton cap - I need to keep the sun out of my eyes somehow! Check out Hachure’s Three Peaks Cap, 100% organic cotton, sustainably grown, and ethically made
  • Milk Man - Milk delivered directly to your doorstep in glass bottles which are returned and reused over and over again. What is not to love!  If you search in your local area or on sites like The Modern Milkman, you can find the best option for you
  • Reusable water bottle - So many amazing designs out there to fill with your tastiest beverage. In the UK we use around 35 billion plastic bottles a day* and 2.5 billion single use coffee cups.** That is a lot!
  • Smol laundry tablets - Delivered through your letterbox in plastic free packaging and 100% cruelty free. Tried and tested and I wouldn’t look back
  • Ocean Saver Eco Drops - Plant based, non toxic, plastic free and pet friendly cleaning refills. Re-use your spray bottles and just add water

With so many more eco swaps to make, it isn’t about doing everything at once.

Every small change, helps a big result!



Source: *  // ** The Guardian

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