5 tips for a healthy and mindful 2022

5 tips for a healthy and mindful 2022

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January can always fell like a long, slow, cold month after all the excitement of Christmas and New Year. We've just about made it to the end, and there are many ways to keep healthy and motivated to prepare for the year ahead.

 1. Move you body

Whether you are an avid dog walker, runner, cyclist or swimmer, getting outside even for 10 minutes a day can benefit you in many ways. From improving your mood, reducing stress and anxiety, and improving your physical health. Try finding local walking communities, dog meet ups, hikes or swims to also make some new friends. The possibilities are endless!

2. Eat your greens

Nutrition can play a big part on how you feel day to day. Keeping topped up with nutritional fruit and veg will help boost your energy and can reduce health problems such as high blood pressure.

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 3. Unplug 

We all find ourselves head down in our devices most of the day, so find some time to put that phone, tablet or laptop down. Read a book, write a letter or journal, go for a walk and listen to the sounds of nature.

 4. Check in with loved ones

It's easy to blink and weeks have gone by in our fast paced lives. Dropping your friends and family a message or call asking how they are can boost their mood. Maybe they are struggling and you can be there to listen, or they need a rant about a hard day. Have a catch up and put a smile on their face today :)

5. Rest

Give yourself days to rest. You don't have to worry that you haven't been 'productive' as rest is just as important. Burn out and tiredness will only mean you get ill, loose concentration easily, or it takes you twice as long to do things.  Make 2022 the year of looking after YOU

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Do you have any other tips you swear by?

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